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Find Your Happy.

The first time I did yoga I nixed the gateway drug, and dived straight into Bikram. For those of you unfamiliar with the practice, imagine standing in uncomfortable poses for 90 minutes … in hell. While it wasn’t my favorite thing … Continue reading

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Disconnect to Reconnect.

I may have lived in the city all my life, but I love me some nature. While I’m more of a tropical sunsets and salty beach hair kinda girl, the serenity a clear lake surrounded by a forrest of trees … Continue reading

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One of the sweetest girls I met in NY was my friend Rae’s girlfriend Patty. Not only does she have AMAZING hair and a mean walk in heels, but she just graduated from Yoga Teacher Training and came out with … Continue reading

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Shit Bitches Love Pt III.

Remember Shit Bitches Love Pt I? What about Pt II? Well, it’s been 11 months and we love even more shit now. Colin Kaepernick. Holy fuck do bitches love them some Kaepernick. Dude was a Niner since 2011(?), but struck gold … Continue reading

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Aim High.

Sunday I put in some work at the gym then met with Rach to go run the Embarcadero in preparation for The Giant Run. I love running the Embarcadero, mostly because it houses two of my favorite landmarks in the … Continue reading

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