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My Top 5 Moments of the 2014 World Series

Are you sick of my baseball rants yet? Too bad, you’ve got one more to go. Feel blessed you weren’t (or were) around in 2010, because I think it was much worse. I just couldn’t let the season go without … Continue reading

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Lords of the Rings.

Written October 31, 2014. It’s 7:10am as I type this, but I’ve been up since 3. At about 6:30am, I got out the shower and proceeded to play Queen’s “We Are The Champions” over the airport , so that it … Continue reading

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The Hunt For Orange October.

September baseball is nearing its end, and the hunt for orange October is upon us. This means I will be drinking a lot more than usual, and once again blabbering away about my beloved SF Giants. As you know, I … Continue reading

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Stick With You.

From breaking things in the apartment during Warrior games, to volunteering for the SF Giants commercials, the last few weeks of my life have revolved heavily around sports. But the highlight was definitely touring the ‘Stick. Although Candlestick Park is … Continue reading

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Balls. Just BALLS.

While everyone is eagerly anticipating this Sunday’s Niner vs. Seahawks game, I am still reveling over this 3-pointer from Curry during last Friday’s game against the Celtics. Iggy was on fire that night, and with his other two buzzer beaters … Continue reading

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Go Ahead And Tell Everybody.

I’ve always loved commercials involving sports. They’re all so motivational, and make me feel like joining a triathlon when I can’t even swim. The Under Armour “Protect This House” and Gatorade “Win From Within” campaigns are a few of my … Continue reading

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Bitches, Beers and Balls.

Personally, there’s close to nothing better than watching a day game at AT&T Park on a sunny afternoon. Yesterday I did just that, and the tussle above between Bumgarner and Guzman was the second best thing to happen next to … Continue reading

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