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boys only want love if it’s torture.

Make fun of me all you want, but I like this song. The lyrics are good too lol.

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it’s not a bad thing.

Matter fact, it may be the BEST thing you could do.

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The Voice.

Although I think Tessanne Chinn should win, I am absolutely obsessed with Cole Vosbury’s voice. And especially his rendition of Miguel’s Adorn. 

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Do This All Day.

I hate how much I like T-Pain songs. Bartender. Tipsy. Buy U A Drank. Can’t Believe It. Backseat Action. I bet you don’t even know most of those songs. Obviously, I have a problem. One that just got bigger with his … Continue reading

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“Bang bang, I’m calling your name.You’re like a fire the world can’t tame.I wanna riot ’til the stars come out and play.Is that OK? OK.” Good lookin out Kris.

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Baby I.

You already know how I feel about Miss Grande, so DON’T JUDGE ME. I will say that it’s nice to see her out of a damn froofy dress and hair bow. And thank God she has a voice, ‘cuz baby-girl … Continue reading

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“when you give me that thunder, you make my summer rain”

Although I prefer this remix featuring Chris Brown over the original, both versions knock. I can’t wait to hear what else Sevyn has in store for us!

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“but everytime i try to say it, the words they only complicate it”

As if my obsession for The Way wasn’t bad enough.

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Picasso Baby.

Me and my girl Q were just having a conversation in the car about art on our way back to the apartment Friday night. Specifically, Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Picasso’s Three Musicians as seen at the MOMA in NY. … Continue reading

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Charlie, Last Name Wilson.

Just finished watching the BET Awards (don’t ask), so I thought it would be appropriate to acknowledge Lifetime Achievement Award winner Charlie Wilson in today’s music monday post. I unfortunately can’t find a video of his tribute that’s compatible with … Continue reading

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