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Ain’t Nothing but A Heartache.

Fucking phenomenal.

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The One That Got Away.

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Diversify & Conquer

Don’t talk, just listen.  (Click the image below to do just that)

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5 Songs I’m Ashamed That I’m Not Ashamed I Like.

Ke$ha’s “Die Young” Or any Ke$ha song for that matter. While I definitely see why people view her as the musical antichrist, I have a whole new respect for her since watching her biography on TV. Sometimes though, I just can’t … Continue reading

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There Is A Light That Shines, Special For You And Me.

If you’re in San Francisco this Saturday the 18th, you definitely want to check out “Shine: The Inner Light Edition” at 111 Minna for a night of fashion, art, and music. Show starts at 8pm!

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Soundtrack To You.

When we met it was Wildfire. The minute I saw you, something sparked, and I just knew. I knew about the late nights I would spend in your bed, tracing the lines of your profile with my eyes while you worked. … Continue reading

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From the good folks over at Mixologi. “The next big project for Mixologi is a series of videos profiling entities we feel represent the Mixologi spirit.   To tell their story about diversity, following their dreams, and creativity.  Our first video … Continue reading

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