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Selfie Portraits.

I traveled to Oahu solo once, and it was probably my second best trip there. My last solo trip was a little different. After much debate and hesitation, I booked a flight to Kauai. Although it’s still Hawaii, it’s one of … Continue reading

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Changing Faces.

I love me some emojis. I truly believe they are the second best thing to happen to cell phones since the Nokia snake game. I don’t even remember what texting was like prior to their emergence. However, some emojis are still up … Continue reading

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Wishful Thinking.

This might be the ONLY time I ever want my mom to come across my blog – to see what her dear, sweet, hard working, loving daughter who gets her good  looks from her mother  wants for her birthday. Actually, … Continue reading

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If you guys have ADD, just FF to 2:27 and listen to the accents at the very least. Shit had me dying. And damn right I’ll still be buying the 5s. Old habits die hard.

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