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“Put on fo yo city hoe!”

It astonishes me that it is now 2018, and people are still butt-hurt when their sex tapes or nudes are leaked. We got intelligent humanoid robots and self-driving cars, yet people still haven’t learned their lesson when it comes to … Continue reading

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Spoiled – TBT 02.22.12

Sometimes me and my friends play this game. We ask random questions like, “Murder, fuck, or marry?” “Would you rather?” “Have you ever?” or “What’s the worst sex you’ve ever had?” I always feel bad answering the last one, because … Continue reading

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Sleeping Booty – WBW 12.21.11

I always taught myself to never waste a hard dick. So regardless of what time it was, if there was a boner tapping me from behind I always managed to find the strength to assist in making it go away. … Continue reading

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If It Doesn’t Get All Over The Place, It Doesn’t Belong In Your Face.

When controversy about the remarks announcer Brent Musburger made about Katherine Webb during the BCS National Championship game hit the news, I understood why. The broad is STUNNING. Carl’s Jr. capitalized on her beauty with this witty commercial below.

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Pillow Talk.

In Whose Line Is It Anyway? I talk about being a good cheerleader for my man in the bedroom. However, you need two people to have a conversation. Although women are usually the more vocal ones in a relationship (surprise, surprise), … Continue reading

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“I Know You’re Watching Over Me, But I Don’t Want Your Sweater Watching Me!”

Before passing, Gail requested that all her friends go through her closet and keep whatever they wanted. Although awkward at first, then depressing second, the process became uplifting as I remembered the memories we shared where she wore a specific … Continue reading

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The Finisher.

I have a confession to make: I masturbated to you last night. This is a milestone in my newfound born-again virgin life, because unlike the other guys I’ve thought about while touching myself, you were able to make me finish. … Continue reading

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