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Bottoms Up – Humpday Post

I believe that everyone has a “go-to” position or cheap/cheat move. It’s the position where once hit, an orgasm is pretty much automatic. Therefore, it’s usually performed at “last-call” before the lights go on and everyone has to go home … Continue reading

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Legs. Gams. Stems.

Have you ever watched Boomerang? If not, know about it. Watching this version of Mike’s Legs video makes me feel like the old man who who saw Strange’s nipple in the commercial. Like I said, know about it. On another … Continue reading

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Blue Lips

A while ago the homie Jeyel asked me what the female version of a “sausage-fest” was, to which I replied without skipping a beat, “A clam bake, duh!” Never mind that I answered the question way too fast, what I … Continue reading

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Oh The Places We Go!

I’ve probably just single-handedly tarnished any innocence in the Dr. Seuss legacy by calling this blog that, but it was the first thing that came to mind – SORRY. Anyway, todays post is about the different but practical places I’d … Continue reading

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Bad to the Boner

You know it’s true friendship when you request a sexy dance to a specific song and and 30 minutes later you have this. Check out Bad Aby putting my sexy to shame! P.S. I’m waiting for the pole dance video … Continue reading

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Drive me Crazy

Car sex also known as homeless sex, is not for the faint of heart … or people taller than 5’10” … or those who drive a two-door … or anyone over the age of 20. For everyone else though, it … Continue reading

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Picture Me Sexting

Ahhh the joys of sexting. As seen here, we already know I’m a fan. Nothing quite like walking through Disneyland and getting a penis picture just as you pass a five-year old meeting Mickey Mouse for the very first time. Some … Continue reading

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