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I knew I was going to write about penis this coming Wednesday not only because it was hump-day, but because ever since 12:30pm today I’ve had penis on the brain non-fucking-stop. No, seriously. It went like this: Facebook, penis, Meebo, … Continue reading

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The Artist Formally Known As SEX.

One of my most favorite movies growing up was The Labyrinth. The first time I watched it was when I was still in elementary school and visiting family in Jersey. During this trip I watched it so many times I … Continue reading

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(In) Between the Sheets.

That moment when it’s getting late, and you’re getting horny from grinding your ass on his crotch all night. The two of you step off the dancefloor, and his hands are wrapped around your waist from the back. He’s whispering … Continue reading

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The New Booty-Call Contract

You ever hear the one about it being easy for women to have a booty-call? Well I hate to break it to you but it’s an urban legend. I’ve been told that at any given time a woman can go … Continue reading

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Say What?! – I Need to Get Laid Edition

A few weeks ago me and Jey were having a conversation regarding the infamous “Top 5” list. The five people who if you were in a relationship you would get a pass for sleeping with. Sadly, I couldn’t think of … Continue reading

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You Spin Me Right Round Baby.

Growing up I used to hate being so tiny. At only 5 feet tall all the midget and handicap placard jokes start to take it’s toll on you. Then I got older and realized that while I will always need … Continue reading

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