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Sleeping Booty – WBW 12.21.11

I always taught myself to never waste a hard dick. So regardless of what time it was, if there was a boner tapping me from behind I always managed to find the strength to assist in making it go away. … Continue reading

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Ride the Crimson Tide

It’s Wednesday. If you frequent my blog, then you should already know. For the rest of you, this is the last time I’m warning you to read at your own risk as hump-day discretion is advised. Especially when we’re dealing … Continue reading

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“As Long As I Have A Face, You’ll Always Have A Place to Sit”

Men are constantly emphasizing the importance of fellatio in a relationship as if it’s a dealbreaker of some sort, and for some men it is. But as someone who’s admitted here that she rather give than receive, even I believe … Continue reading

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Oh The Places We Go!

I’ve probably just single-handedly tarnished any innocence in the Dr. Seuss legacy by calling this blog that, but it was the first thing that came to mind – SORRY. Anyway, todays post is about the different but practical places I’d … Continue reading

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During what felt like a 13,981 hour drive home from Vegas during the New Year, me and my girls attempted to make time pass by having the usual deep conversations about love, life, ahi-tuna bowls, zombies, and of course – … Continue reading

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I FUCKING LOVE MUSIC. I can spend hours getting lost in a good song; exploring its melody, dissecting its beat, remembering its lyrics. Music makes me happy. It makes me sad. It makes me wanna dance, cry, sing, drive, and … Continue reading

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O No!

Hello you. Have you seen my orgasm? I seem to have lost it somewhere between vowing to never fall again and realizing that I am allergic to casual sex. I filed a missing persons report the other day to no … Continue reading

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