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The Shit List.

This is not a “sexy” humpday post, but it’s a real one. Considering men like to pretend women don’t take shits and ladies don’t like to talk about it – maybe too real. I was sitting shotty in heavy traffic when my … Continue reading

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Rejecting Rejection.

A surefire way for me to let go of someone, is to find out that someone else has gotten a hold of his heart. They say instances like this won’t make the feelings you have for them go away, but … Continue reading

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Kid Tested, Mother DisApproved.

We’ve already established that I want to have kids one day. Before I ever decided that I wanted to get married, I knew wanted to have kids. I always figured it would be me, my two dogs, two kids, and four … Continue reading

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Super Black.

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The End Is Purple

OMG This shit had be weak.

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