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Ayesha, you are the girl that I never had…

Warriors fan or not, you know who Stephen Curry is. And if you’re an actual fan, then you are also familiar with his spunky daughter Riley and God fearing wife Ayesha. While Riley emerged a star last season due to her sassy post-interview cameos, more … Continue reading

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Bae Area Watch.

The end of baseball season only means one thing for me – BASKETBALL! And while I believe it’s still too early to make any playoff predictions, I can’t deny how well the Warriors are playing. Here’s a few pics from the … Continue reading

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Some of you might have already seen this on my personal Facebook account, but I just had to blog it. I’ve always been a fan of Ayesha Curry’s blog, and believe she’s not only the real Chef Curry, but also a real basketball … Continue reading

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I’m In Love With …

Good to see the boys having fun on and off the court.

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Balls. Just BALLS.

While everyone is eagerly anticipating this Sunday’s Niner vs. Seahawks game, I am still reveling over this 3-pointer from Curry during last Friday’s game against the Celtics. Iggy was on fire that night, and with his other two buzzer beaters … Continue reading

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Larger Than Life.

The first time I met Ashley, I was dancing half naked on a wooden platform at some club in the middle of nowhere, San Francisco. I remember thinking that she was one of the very few go-go dancers that was … Continue reading

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Life In Pictures.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some pictures, so some of these go as far back as Thanksgiving. Blah blah blah. My life’s been boring lately, but still wonderful as ever. 

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Dub The Vote.

I hate to admit that my first game of the season was on Wednesday, but my what a game it was! Saw this commercial in between one of the quarters and thought it was so cute. Baby-Bogut and Curry are … Continue reading

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The City.

My two favorite sports and favorite teams all within walking distance from each other. And since we’re on the topic, love this commercial.

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Warriorrrrrrs, Come Out And Plaaaaaaay.

Fine, I’ll admit it: I hate football a little less. But I’m still more than happy it’s Warrior season once again. It’s the only sport in which the Bay Area comes together in solidarity, and I can happily cheer, tolerate, … Continue reading

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