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Ain’t nobody fucking with my clique.

It’s crazy to see how much my framily has changed since we had our very first friendsmas back in 2013. People moved, came back, got married, had babies, broke up, had more babies, and I … I … I’ve had at … Continue reading

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Know Maintenance Friends.

The above meme has been reposted on my social media feed by friends and acquaintances a plethora of times now. And why not? It’s a great message that gets to the core of what a true friendship is. Per usual, quality over quantity, … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead.

I’ve always thought the best way to get in shape is to get your heartbroken. Either you’re too sad to eat and so desperate to keep yourself busy that the gym suddenly becomes an option, or you just want to look … Continue reading

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I visited the island of Kauai for the first time last week and must say … it was everything I didn’t know I wanted. For five days I was laptop, makeup, TV, and worry free (except for that one time I thought … Continue reading

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To Do List: Live in the Moment.

A while ago I read an article about the importance of calendaring. As an Office Manager, I am obviously about that life. “To do list by themselves are useless,” it said. As someone who has yet to cross off a … Continue reading

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Love You Times Infinity.

During your viewing me and the girls all went up to your coffin to talk shit with you one last time. There, I asked that you visit me without scaring me. I suggested throwing a Cornut at me or something … Continue reading

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The Trouble With Being Single.

I am officially the only single girl in the world. At least that’s what it feels like. I am however, the only single girl left out of my friends. That’s not to say they treat me any less of a friend. … Continue reading

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