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Nothing Compares to You.

We are often told not to do certain things. Yet, despite knowing the consequences – we do them anyway. One of these things is comparing yourself to others. Sometimes I do this without even trying and let’s be real here, … Continue reading

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To Health and Back.

Over the weekend I hiked the 8.4 miles to Alamere Falls to get in some cardio, enjoy nature and yes – take an Instagram photo. While the trail itself wasn’t hard, I underestimated what 8.4 miles felt like and the … Continue reading

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“Behind every strong woman, are other strong women”

Women are beautiful. We smell good even after a workout. Our sweat is sexy. Our skin glows. Our hair is luxurious. We hail cabs in 4-inch heels, and win Jenga games while carrying babies. We clean up the mess others … Continue reading

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The Sympathy Sads.

While perusing Instagram the other day, I came across a photo of a man I knew with his new girlfriend and my heart stopped for a split second. It had been years since I experienced that twinge of anxiety in … Continue reading

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Choosey Lover.

Starting at a very young age, I practiced the mantra “Chicks before dicks” and always chose my friends before my boyfriends. Was there any other option? They were there for me before, during and after every beautiful disaster. I followed this … Continue reading

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A Letter to Every Man Who Has A Girl Friend Like Me – TBT 11.28.11

Dear Friend of a Friend Like Me, I just wanted to say that WE’RE SORRY. Since you’re such an understanding person you’re probably thinking, “No it’s OK. Don’t be sorry” BUT LET US BE SORRY. Please. Because we know that … Continue reading

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Ain’t nobody fucking with my clique.

It’s crazy to see how much my framily has changed since we had our very first friendsmas back in 2013. People moved, came back, got married, had babies, broke up, had more babies, and I … I … I’ve had at … Continue reading

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