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you used to call me on my cell phone.

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Truffle Butter.

I found myself looking up a word on Urban Dictionary the other day, and immediately realized I was old as shit for doing so. Smh, I just couldn’t help myself! I refused to believe that Nicki Minaj’s Truffle Butter was actually about that delectable … Continue reading

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I’m sorry, but this video has me mesmerized. I understand that it may set females back decades, but Nicki’s ass (fake or not) is on some dumb shiiiiiiiiiiit.

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Stop It. Just Stop It.

Nobody wants to point out what looks like a crochet tank top underneath that linen shirt though? And don’t even get me started on Brian McKnight’s mesh hoody. Too easy.

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Rappers Delight.

If I had to compare my ex boyfriend to a rapper, he would easily be Nasir Jones. Street smart, but in school to be an engineer as well. In short, “A thug, but intelligent too”. It had me thinking about other exes, and … Continue reading

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Who Do You Love?

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The Storm.

Remember last week when I posted pics from my peaceful weekend comparing it to the “calm before the storm?” Well, here’s the storm. I’m never sloppy, but as you can see, me and my friend in the last pic are … Continue reading

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Say My Name, Say My Name.

I really want to hate this girl for no reason asides from the fact that she looks dead on like this chick  at this one lounge I went to in NY that was being a snooty little bitch. Seriously, the … Continue reading

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Drake The Type.

So I think I have a crush on Drake. It’s OK if you laughed when you read that, I laughed when I wrote it. I couldn’t even admit it to myself for at least a week, but acceptance is the first … Continue reading

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We Just Want The Credit When It’s Due. I’m A Worry ‘Bout Me, Give A Fuck About You.

Am I the only one that actually likes this song?

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