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She Likes Into My Mic, Because My Mic Is Magic.

I actually think this “song” sucks. But who gives a fuck?

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Channing All Over My Tatum.

I mean. All you really need to do is start watching at 4:30. He straight Magic Mike’d that piano.

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So You’re Saying I No Longer Have A Chance?

By the time you read this, it will be very obvious that the world did not destruct on 12.21.12. But for Channing Tatum lovers like myself, it might as well have. Along with thousands of other viewers, I watched VH1’s … Continue reading

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Channing Tatum, I Love You.

Along with the rest of the heterosexual female population and homosexual gay population, I watched Magic Mike over the weekend and it’s official: Channing Tatum can be the first to put it in the booty-hole. Not because he’s fine as … Continue reading

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Magic Mike

OMFG this has got to be the corniest movie EVER … and I’m gonna watch it 5 times in 3D.

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Shit Bitches Love

Because bitches love a lot of shit. Seatwarmers. My homie Jeyel has some in his Lexus and I swear they make life worth living on a cold night #bitchesloveseatwarmers. “That’s how you feelin?” music. You know, like Yassin’s Beauty in … Continue reading

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G.I. Joe Mama

It doesn’t actually look that good, and I never even watched the first one. But I’d watch it on mute if Channing Tatum and The Rock are both in it. I remember playing with G.I. Joes 24-7 with my cousin … Continue reading

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