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Disconnect to Reconnect.

I may have lived in the city all my life, but I love me some nature. While I’m more of a tropical sunsets and salty beach hair kinda girl, the serenity a clear lake surrounded by a forrest of trees … Continue reading

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Trust Your Struggle.

For those of you who don’t know, I used to have an advice column on here aptly titled “Dear Abi”. Until I realized that I was a complete mess (still am), and had no right to be talking. But for … Continue reading

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Aim High.

Sunday I put in some work at the gym then met with Rach to go run the Embarcadero in preparation for The Giant Run. I love running the Embarcadero, mostly because it houses two of my favorite landmarks in the … Continue reading

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Dear Diary – Fit Club Edition

Does it make this pic less douchey if I admit that I’m holding my breath? No? OK then I’m not lol. It ain’t much, but it’s progress. I definitely feel better than I look, and that’s what I care about … Continue reading

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