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Watching the game the other day made me realize that we have one of the best looking baseball teams out there. Asides from my bias opinion that the San Francisco Giants are one of the best teams out there PERIOD, … Continue reading

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‘Cuz It’s 1-2-3 Strikes You’re Out, In The Old Ball Game!

Last week I was lucky enough to catch two games against the Dodgers in some of the best seats I’ve had at the park thus far. On Tuesday, a lady from another floor happened to wander into the office with … Continue reading

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Congratulations (again) Boys!

Had to settle with watching the ring ceremony online instead of at the park today. And yes, I still cried smh.

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World Baseball Classic 2013.

Puerto Rico vs. the Dominican Republic. BEST. PORN GAME. EVER. Of course you already know who has a wet soft spot in my panties heart for *ahem*. But Alex Rios of the White Sox can definitely get it.

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If You Love Something Set It Free. If It Comes Back To You, It’s Yours To Keep. If It Doesn’t, It Never Was To Begin With.

Pagan and Torres at the same damn time? I mean on the same damn team?! I’m gonna be sore in the morning – I mean I’m gonna be cross-eyed in the outfield. Although they’re almost the same person to me … Continue reading

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Weekend (and then some) In Pictures – Endless Summer Edition.

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Poetry In Motion.

Speaking of sex, Pagan’s double play yesterday went straight to my vagina. Not the sexiest picture of my newest boo, but if you click on the image you’ll be directed to the play aka soft porn.

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You Already Know Though.

I’ve officially considered myself good luck for Battle of the Bay exhibition games since this is the second year in a row I attended and we won even though the A’s took an early lead. To be fair though, my … Continue reading

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