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Please Advise.

I never thought I was good at giving advice. I started this blog years ago to simply share stories. My stories, your stories, her stories, and his. Along the way, I was able to help people. Help people laugh and … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead.

I’ve always thought the best way to get in shape is to get your heartbroken. Either you’re too sad to eat and so desperate to keep yourself busy that the gym suddenly becomes an option, or you just want to look … Continue reading

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Get Your GroupOn.

A friend of mine sent me this YouTube clip of the ever so beautiful Chandler Parsons on Chelsea Lately. It was in this moment that I decided to reach into the deepest depths of my inner ho, and be a Chandler Parsons … Continue reading

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Weekend Round-up.

In case you missed it the first time, check out this past weeks posts below! And don’t forget to follow GATNB on Instagram here and Facebook here! Last Everything. Then you get to a certain age, and realize that someone will have always … Continue reading

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So I’m currently reading this book called Blink by Malcom Gladwell (good looking out Mike!). While I’m not entirely convinced, I did come to the realization that most – if not all of my life changing decisions were snap decisions. … Continue reading

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TomTom for the Heart -Throwback Thursday 06.30.10

Once upon a Christmas I gave my on, sometimes off, usually on, but off again boyfriend a navigation system for his car. I pre-ordered it but the shipment date was after the 25th, so instead, I printed out a picture … Continue reading

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