What the Hellz

Boogie Events Co.


Yee Bay

The Adventures of Yoshi

Betsey J

With Electric Love


Adapt Clothing

Triple Double Sports


Reel Street Love



Ryan Michael Louie Photography

A. Sade Nails

Bad Aby Designs 

Mike Baker the Bike Maker


6 Responses to Links

  1. Chelsey M. says:

    Hello , my name is Chelsey .
    I discovered your blogs a while back and fell in love with your voice , your character .. the way you hold yourself together. I began to read one post , felt connected . Read another , made me reflect . Then another made me laugh , and then soon I found myself back tracking all your posts because in every post I had something to reflect on in my own life . Seriously , get the fuck outta my head . Wait , noooo ! I take it back , because you give me a reason to believe that everyone is completely different but connected . That no matter how rough life is .. a little reading can relieve every thought you had . Literally , everyday I have school (because I don’t own a computer lol ) I log on and check your daily blogs . Literally. Every. Fucking. Day. It’s like my own personal stash of crack , that I’m nooot greedy to share ! I try to get all my girls to read your blogs , but honestly , I’m the reader in our group so girls nights … yeeah you guessed it . I’m the speaker & they listen with their facial masks on , doing each others nails & sippin’ on some drank in our cups . You’re the conversation starter , because we all know your posts go alooooong way . So I just wanted to say that I am praying for the best promotion of everyday , Your voice must be heard and I understand the capabilites of this site . It could inspire women everywhere . It inspires me . Thank you for keeping your site updated , thank you for moving your blogs to an official site ❤ , thank you for understanding every perspective ( you opened my eyes in many ways ) and thank you for continuing to not hold back from yourself .
    Your DEDICATED reader,
    Chelsey from Peoria, Arizona .

    • doowaditty says:


      one of the first things i’m going to do when this “writing thing” takes me to where i want it to go, is book a flight to peoria, az so that i can give you the biggest hug, and take a double shot with you and your girls – facial masks optional lol. i read your comment on Bart today and was nearly in tears. it sounds cliche because i say it everytime i receive a comment like this, but as much as you say i inspire you, it doesn’t hold a candle to how much your words inspire ME. all i’ve ever wanted to do was make people laugh, and let them know that they are not alone. never, ever. so for every thank-you, you are more than welcome. but most of all THANK-YOU.


      • Chelsey M. says:

        4 years later & I’m still checking your blog daily ✊ I truly respect & admire your effort & time you put into this site. Thank you for continuing to write & keeping your blog updated.

        Your DEDICATED reader,
        Chelsey from Peoria, Az

      • doowaditty says:

        thank you so much! you do not even know how much that means to me. i hope to keep writing things worth reading 🙂

    • Chelsey says:

      2016 November, still intrigued by how much I can relate to your blogs & your words. Hope you’re loving life and exploring new ideas or dreams of love. Hope to hear about it soon. Stay open, wise and literate ✨ – Chels from Peoria, Az.

  2. msdzn says:

    From time to time, I visit your website and read and read until i hit the last post i’ve read before that. You’re an inspiration to me and you’ve given me a couple of wake up calls. Although, I haven’t really went for it (my goal), not even try cause of fear, just visiting your blog gives me a boost inside. Your blog reminds me time and time again that I can one day reach my goal. Baby steps.

    You’re an inspiration and please don’t stop posting 🙂 you don’t know me but i’ve learned a couple of things from you – from relationships to work life and just being alone. on your own. I hope you’re still driven to keep your blog up.

    Have a wonderful week! ❤

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