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Too Many Bottles of This Wine We Can’t Pronounce.

See  ya’ll at the show tonight!

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No I Don’t Like You, I Just Thought You Were Cool Enough To Kick It.

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Daughters – Music Mondaze

“They say the coolest playas and foulest heartbreakers in the world, God gets us back – he makes us have precious little girls.”

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Like A Pair of Christian Louboutins and Fresh-Out-The-Box Js All In One.

My girl Dre sent me a picture of some hideous Jordan/stiletto hybrid, because it reminded her of my tagline. Thankfully, she knew I’d never rock them. While I’m a big fan of Jordans, and an even bigger fan of Louboutins, … Continue reading

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My, My, My

“I knew she was a freak the day that I met her/And now she wanna play house – David Guetta.

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Music Mondays

Currently on repeat … The Party and the After Party – The Weekend “Everybody wants you, you can have them all. But I got what you need …”

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I FUCKING LOVE MUSIC. I can spend hours getting lost in a good song; exploring its melody, dissecting its beat, remembering its lyrics. Music makes me happy. It makes me sad. It makes me wanna dance, cry, sing, drive, and … Continue reading

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Music Monday

Apparently, Sunday is the new Saturday. I just wish someone told me ahead of time. Too lazy to upload pics from the weekend but here’s a little music for your Monday. Drove to work today with the sun beaming and … Continue reading

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In my eyes and ears Tamia is one of the baddest in the game and definitely underrated. Lil’ mama got big vocals, and I could listen to her Tamia and More album beginning ’til end. One of my favorite tracks … Continue reading

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Head Over Heels

DAMN. This song used to be my pajama-jammy-JAM! Quit playin. It’s a beautiful day outside, it’s about to be for the next two, I got a half day tomorrow, and Nas is looking all skinny in the face and scrumptious … Continue reading

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