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Thanks, Captain.

The other day Jey asked me, “You ever have those moments where you’re reminded of why you’re with someone?” before praising his wife. Thankfully, I do.  I remember having a really tough week at my previous job. Granted, I hated … Continue reading

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Shit Bitches Love Pt. VIII

Eight?!?! Y’all still with me? Well, as long as bitches continue to love shit, I’ll be writing about it. Let’s get to it …  Plants. When the fuck did everyone get a green thumb though? I thought this shit was over … Continue reading

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Write vs. Wrong.

Writing is second nature to me, it’s always been. From the time I learned how to write complete sentences, I became obsessed. I started this blog nearly a decade ago (HOLY FUCK), and I am so grateful that I still … Continue reading

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San Diego Comic Con was always an event I wanted to attend, but never got a chance to due to either financial or timing reasons, so when the opportunity to attend Silicon Valley Comic Con presented itself I gave my … Continue reading

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No Pain, No Stain – WBW 7/31/13

The other day while drinking in a friends room at a hotel party, he cautioned me to not spill my drink. “I know you be staining the sheets” he said with a devious grin. I knew how he knew too. … Continue reading

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My unGlamorous Self-Care Routine.

Who knew that something as necessary as taking care of yourself would all of a sudden be so trendy? Well, thanks to Instagram and Pinterest it is. One day I woke up and everyone was carrying crystals in their pockets, … Continue reading

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Decent Proposal.

Sundays have always been for brunch. But instead of bottomless mimosas in last night’s clubbing clothes, it’s now cold brew with coconut milk followed by cast iron pan shopping. “My God, have we lost our edge?” were my exact thoughts … Continue reading

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