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RelationShits (v2)

Boyfriend-girlfriend. Parent-child. Friend-friend. Relationships are relationships. Regardless of who is involved, it’s based on the way two or more people interact and treat each other. To no surprise, my last “relationship” was a bad one.  It started out like most … Continue reading

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How to Make the Ordinary, Extraordinary.

I woke up today and immediately went downstairs to make breakfast. The extra hour in the morning I have to do this is a luxury I’ve recently acquired from the new job. I made my my morning elixir and some toast … Continue reading

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what does your anxiety feel like?

Imagine receiving a phone call from someone you rarely talk to. If you’re anything like me, your guts will slowly make its way up to your neck, knowing that their number on your caller ID can only mean something bad … Continue reading

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Shit Bitches Love Pt. VII

It’s Friday. I got the Soul Food soundtrack playing on Spotify, and the Dubs are playing tonight, so why not post another installment of “Shit Bitches Love”. For those of you who are new to this rant, it’s pretty self-explanatory: … Continue reading

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“we repeat what we don’t repair”.

When your heart is broken, your first response is to mend it. This can be done in several ways. For some, it’s going out with your girlfriends. Putting on your favorite freak’um dress, drinking one too many drinks, and dancing the night away … Continue reading

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I love me some Snapchat and IG stories. It gives me something to do when I’m bored, and at times I get to live vicariously through others. Unfortunately, there are some people who missed the SnapChat etiquette seminar better known … Continue reading

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HELP, I Need an Adult!

If you had told me when I was 18, that on my 33rd birthday I would be drunk slip-and-slide-flip-cupping in a friends backyard, I would’ve never believed you. Back then, I was under the impression that at a certain age you … Continue reading

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