In Her Purpose.

It’s true when they say that behind every great woman are other great women. In my case, they’re all screaming, “Yassssss girl, get ittttttt”. And that’s exactly what I did when Jennifer Redondo-Marquez and Rose Buado’s book In Her Purpose dropped and became #1 on the Amazon Asian authors bestseller list. I don’t know either one of these women or the 40 women featured in the book, but as an aspiring writer with a vagina that just so happens to be Asian – best believe I’m supporting.

I wanted to share In Her Purpose: 40 Principles of Asian Women Redefining Success on Their Own Terms because I don’t know a single woman who isn’t doing that on a day to day basis. Especially during a time like quarantine when women are having to face even more struggles than their male counterparts balancing motherhood, work, friends and even more than usual emotional burdens. The concept of purpose is also significant to me. Since replacing happiness with purpose, I’ve actually become happier (funny how that works out).

To keep it 100, I will admit that I have yet to read the book although it’s currently in my cart, but without even reading it, the book has already motivated me to press on even harder towards my own writing goals. I can’t imagine how much more inspired I’ll be after reading it.

Click THIS link to purchase a copy of the book.

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