Apples and Trees.

A friend of mine started sharing random videos of cute babies doing cute things after she realized I held the same affinity for them. During one of our ovary kicking conversations, she expressed that she wanted to have a baby soon. However, she was scared to bring one into this crazy world. From as far back as I can remember, “I’m scared to bring a child into this crazy world” has been a common saying. Now, for the first time in my life I can say I don’t agree. 

This is a bold claim, but I truly believe that the kids of this generation are going to be the ones that change the world. I see them taking a stand, questioning the authority breaking everything, showing empathy, helping others, and am so inspired by them. I see children at peaceful protests and while some may be too young to know what’s going on, I know they will remember the experience.

On Easter I noticed so many videos of egg hunts and Easter baskets. It was as if Covid didn’t exist. The parents on my timeline did what they had to do to make sure they had plastic eggs, and chocolate bunnies and happy babies despite long lines, germs, and the stress of already having to be a parent working from home. My friends are some of the most compassionate, empathetic, smart, patient and accepting parents I know, and I am constantly in awe by how they are raising their children.

For the first time, I actually feel hopeful about the future. I’m so sure about this, because I know the PARENTS of our future teachers, doctors, therapists, counselors, leaders, thinkers, doers, and lovers. WE are the children stopping trauma from being passed down from previous generations.

The world can definitely be a scary place, but I guess it’s never the perfect time to bring another life into it. It is however, always the right time to kids to be more compassionate, confident and assertive. The best part is I’m finding that I’m learning more and more from kids instead of the other way around. So not only am I hopeful for the future – I’m excited for it. 

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1 Response to Apples and Trees.

  1. Tina says:

    You’re out of your mind. That’s why I’m never having kids. The world is full of idiots who want to open bars among a freaking pandemic so they’re protesting about it. And hey, it’s totally fine to them. But let people come together to protest murdering black people and they’re totally in the wrong and they’re labeled “thugs” by our leader. Honey, these people are either bold enough to actually be out being imbeciles, or, they’re like sleeper agents. Behind closed door racists. Nothing’s changed and it won’t. Almost every kid rebels at some point in their life. I’m a realist. That kid could turn out to be the next Hitler, crooked officer or current president. Most kids parents tell them not to do things… they do it anyway. You can try all you want to raise a kid to love everyone and still fail. You can try your best and they’ll still be a dope fiend, drunk, racist, homophobic, misogynist and on and on and on. Take the chance. I’m not leaving the world even worse off than it is. And don’t let that old this generation will be better than the last crap guide you. Still see blacks being called the n-word, Mexicans being told to go back home and held in cages, the homeless and hungry being told it’s their fault, veterans who are the reason we even have a country to begin with without healthcare, food, and living on the streets, and LGBT people being killed in 2020. Hate will never go away. But take the chance. Hope you’ll be strong enough to deal with it when your kid or kids come home and want to be all white when they’re subjected to racism because they’re half of what America says they’re supposed to be or they love the same gender and live a life of hell as a result. But yeah, you have hope. I’m all out of that shit. I deal with it all of the time and shits not getting better or easier. I’ve heard the lie that the next generation will be better all my life and it still hasn’t happened.

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