Who Gives a Fuck?


Quality over quantity definitely applies to sex. While I can still count my sexual partners on 2 , errr 3 hands, I can definitely say that the quality of the sex made up for it. Surprised I haven’t written about this before, but here are my  Top 3 fucks and the reasons why they made the list. 

3. Mr. Big: Again, Mr. Big wasn’t big. He’s probably what most would call average. But he was a good fuck, because he was a FUN fuck. He liked to talk dirty, sexy, and he was never shy about sending me a dick pic in the middle of the day. One time I received one unsuspectingly, and I swear I couldn’t function for the next hour after that. 

2. Buzz: I liked fucking Buzz because he had a big, old hamburger dick. But I loved fucking Buzz, because he seemed to genuinely love fucking me. He was always so enthusiastic and very vocal about how good he felt. How good I felt. Everything. He made me feel sexy, and the way he would describe our sex and my body made me forget he was fucking other people, and all the insecurities I had about body.

1. I know this is cheating, but it’s tie between Thor and Wolfie: Thor was a nasty motherfucker with an almost 9-inch dick. I can only assume I was in my prime during our relationshit, because we would fuck for hours on end and I’d still get up for work and be on time the next day. One time we fucked throughout the entire Wild, Wild, West movie. I just IMDB’d that shit and that movie is 2.5 fucking hours. Good God. While longevity is a good thing, sometimes it was just TOO long. I had (other) shit to do and places to go. However, he always came and that left me happy.

Wolfie had stamina too. He was a great fuck, because he knew just where to hit it. He wasn’t packing as big as Thor, but he knew what to do with what he had (which wasn’t small by any means). He was strong and vigorous, and had a carnal type of sex appeal about him that drove me crazy. Unfortunately, the fact that he wouldn’t cum all the time drove me crazy too. It made me feel as if the sex wasn’t good or I didn’t please him. 

Now let’s hope I can write a Top 5 list by the end of the year.

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