Selfie Portraits.

I traveled to Oahu solo once, and it was probably my second best trip there. My last solo trip was a little different. After much debate and hesitation, I booked a flight to Kauai. Although it’s still Hawaii, it’s one of their more rural islands with less tourists and city life so I envisioned myself stranded on a dirt road with a dead cell phone and no gas. Paranoid much? Always.

Not that I thought Kauai was riddled with crime, I’m just a Virgo and worrying is what we do. I wondered if I would get lost. If I would get robbed. If I would get raped. If I would fall off a cliff hiking. But most of all, I wondered WHO THE HELL WAS GOING TO TAKE MY PICTURES? 

Thus, I made a few purchases and borrowed a few devices from friends to make sure I had all my solo “Do it For the ‘Gram” necessities. Click after the jump to make sure your next solo trip will never look like one.


                                                         Car charger: Everyone should have one of these on or off vacation right? It comes in 31DiscSSmtLhandy especially when you’re using your phone for directions or to play music, which could use up a lot of battery power. You can purchase this one HERE.

PCMags-Pick-Mpow®-iSnap-Pro-2-In-1-Self-portrait-Monopod-Extendable-Selfie-Stick-with-built-in-Bluetooth-Remote-Shutter-With-Adjustable-Grip-Holder-7Selfie Stick: Selfie sticks look absolutely ridiculous, but are so clutch when you want to take a picture of the view with you in it. While I would never take one to the movies with friends or to a city like Vegas, I do think they come in handy when you want to take pictures of scenery. The above picture of Queen’s Bath wouldn’t have been possible without it. Selfie sticks are good for group shots, and provide wide angles of the view behind you. Purchase this one HERE.


Portable charger: It might seem a bit much to carry around both a car charger AND a portable charger, but trust me you won’t regret it. Especially if you have a bunk phone like mine that is nearing the end of it’s time and goes from 30% to 5% in a single text message. And if I wasn’t traveling by myself, I wouldn’t have cared. I bought this one specifically after Steph recommended it saying it charges your phone up to three times before having to charge the actual battery back. Buy yours HERE.

316OfSC88+LTripod: My girl Ferl aka the Asian Macguyver brought one of these along to our girls trip in Big Sur, and allowed us to take an epic “Squad” pic in front of our AirBNB and minivan. The tripod comes in handy once again when you want to take a pic of the view with you in it, without the annoyance of looking like a selfie and seeing part of the stick or your arm sticking out in the picture. I was a little scared to hang it to a anything because I kept forgetting my waterproof case and didn’t want it to get damaged, but it’s pretty secure. Get yours HERE. P.S. You should definitely cop yourself a waterproof case if you’re going anywhere water activities will be involved.

61f1RHB+oOL._SX425_Bluetooth remote: 
This saved my life in Hawaii. Not only did this remote make using the tripod more efficient, but it also took my petty selfie game to a whole new level. One thing that was inconvenient during our Big Sur trip, was having to set the timer on the phone and run back into the frame in time without looking like a blur or even worse – an idiot. With the remote, I didn’t have to worry about falling off of a tree just to make sure I was in the shot. I chose this brand, because it didn’t require me to download any app and I was able to easily connect to the device  everytime. You can buy yours HERE.

And the results?11218805_10153267036778003_3504515116559555835_n

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