Protect Ya Neck.

Speaking of unprotected sex

Over spicy ramen tonkatsu and strawberry soju, three ho’s talked about condoms. More specifically, when it’s the appropriate/OK/right time to stop using one. Obviously, this was discussed outloud with zero fucks about the people around them. Thus, the following fuckery ensued:

Ho 1: 5 weeks
Ho 2: 3-4 months
Ho 3: What’s a condom?

Some may protest that unless a couple is married or trying to get pregnant, that you should always use a condom. To each their own. However, I personally go by the following factors: 

Exclusivity: Even if I am not exclusively seeing someone, it’s very rare that I have multiple sex partners. And if I do, I’m definitely using condoms. I won’t lie, there was ONE time in my life where I was seeing two different men and had unprotected sex with both of them. And to be honest – I felt dirty as fuck. I haven’t done it since, nor do I plan to. Now to be even more honest, it’s safe to say (or unsafe to say) that if me and the person I’m fucking have established exclusivity – whether it means we are only seeing each other or only fucking each other, condoms will no longer exist in our lives. Which brings me to the next factor …

TrustIt’s great if you’ve established exclusivity with the person you’re seeing, but it can’t guarantee they’re being honest. One can only hope that if you’re in a relationship, both parties are committed to each other. However, you really have to ask yourself if you trust them. Think about their history and reputation before you decide that word is bond. Which brings me to the next factor …

Length (not inches) You can know someone for years that aren’t as genuine as people you’ve only known for weeks, so I still go by the phrase “quality over quantity” BUT the longer you’ve known someone, the longer they have to garner your respect, prove their integrity, and gain your trust. Most of all, you have more time to recognize their patterns. 

Having said all of that, I am also aware that in the heat of the moment (especially if under the influence) all logic and morals go out the window. So if you decide to fuck the guy/girl you just met three hours ago sans condom, no judgment here. I’m not saying you a ho, I’m just saying you ho-ish  lol. Just remember that nothing can protect you from certain STD’s. Or your parents when you tell them you got knocked up by some dude during that bachelorette party in Cancun.

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