“Let’s not just make noise, let’s make a difference”

Amidst the news of Panda leaving us for Boston and having an aneurism over my Fantasy Football game yesterday, I caught wind that the grand jury in Ferguson did not indict Darren Wilson for the death of Michael Brown. Soon after, news of it began to flood all of my social media feeds, and coverage of the riots interrupted my attempt to catch up on Sons of Anarchy. I bowed my head in silence for a moment, and braced myself for inevitable. Then, I continued to watch Charlie Hunnam’s fine ass put in work.

A part of me felt insensitive and shallow for Tweeting about JLo and her AMA performance, knowing that there was a #blacklivesmatter hashtag trending. And as a writer, a part of me felt guilty writing about anything NOT the Ferguson verdict. Still, I refuse to.

The truth is, I did not follow the trial as much as I should’ve. Therefore, I do not have enough information about the issue for me to formulate a substantial opinion about it. To some, this may reflect poor character. However, I rather not form an opinion solely based on a sensationalized media or what I’ve seen on my FB feed from others that don’t even know the difference between a “jury” and a “grand jury”. 

But I will say something. A few things actually. 
I will not say “Fuck the police” just because I feel obligated to as a young minority.
I will not say all cops are pigs either, because it also allows me to assume that all men of color in baggy pants are criminals.
I will not support violence with violence, especially when it doesn’t solve anything and affects the innocent. If there is anyone that deserves an “eye for an eye” pass, it’s Brown’s parents. Instead, they are requesting that you keep protests peaceful.

I have never experienced racism from a white person or been a victim of police brutality, so I cannot relate. But I don’t need to because as naive or ignorant as this may sound, I don’t see the MAIN issue being a race issue. I look at this as an unarmed kid who was shot to death. If it were a Michael Bautista as opposed to a Michael Brown that had been shot, it wouldn’t make the issue any less or more important to me.

I don’t have a son, so I cannot even begin to imagine the pain Brown’s parents must be feeling. It’s completely understandable if they wanted to hurt people and break things. I would too. But at the end of the day, it won’t bring Michael Brown back. Furthermore, it won’t prevent something like this from happening again. It will add fuel to the wrong fire. 

So if you’re going to make noise – whether it be by breaking into a Foot Locker or standing on a soapbox, just please make sure that people actually listen.


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1 Response to “Let’s not just make noise, let’s make a difference”

  1. 7 says:

    “I have never experienced racism from a white person…”

    This is absolutely shocking to me (honestly) because I know so many Filipinos that have (actually, the majority). As someone of mixed heritage, I honestly relate very well to Filipinos when it comes to race/ethnicity… because we relate to being minorities.

    Trust me, you have been blessed. Hopefully, you will continue to never experience racism.

    Its disclosure (the quoted, above) also made me feel differently about its conveyance.

    “I don’t see the MAIN issue being a race issue.”

    I believe that outlook has to do with the fact that you have “never experienced racism [from a white person].”

    I honestly have steered completely away from it in my writing due to my not having enough information about the issue for me to formulate a substantial opinion about it, as well. I did not follow it because the outcome is always the same and it will continue to occur in this country. You may see a commercial, video, film, or television episode with my writing about the topic at a later date, but now is not that time. People will pay attention to that platform – the one(s) that I have been blessed to utilize as an outlet whenever I so choose.

    But let us be clear, race, in this country and in this world (I was recently in Australia and was sickened by a racist act – and Australia is a place that I love to frequently visit on holiday so it was quite shocking)… will always be an issue – there is absolutely no way around it. People make suggestions… but you cannot do it right – if you could, it would no longer exist. You can click on a story about how a man donated his kidney to another, is a great/devoted father, upstanding citizen who has never once been in trouble with the law… does not drink, use drugs, is a faithful husband, works hard, is well educated with a coveted career, is well read, and well traveled, etc., etc., etc., and in the comments will be many (not just a few, but many) who will degrade the man (and call him names accompanied by racist stereotypes) due to the color of his skin if only a photograph is shown.

    That… shall never be fixed, nor will it (racism) ever have a (re)solution.

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