Disconnect to Reconnect.


I may have lived in the city all my life, but I love me some nature. While I’m more of a tropical sunsets and salty beach hair kinda girl, the serenity a clear lake surrounded by a forrest of trees looming over you is seldom unparalleled. 

I’ve told you plenty of times that I have AMAZING people in my life. And the amazing people in my life have amazing people in theirs. Just last week, my best friend’s best friend Cathy happened to be in town from LA to pick up her boss’s car up North in Truckee. She ended up house sitting for a day, and in an attempt to do a little bit of soul searching (as well as to enjoy the scenery) I tagged along.

Although a short trip, I relished every second of disconnecting from the world. Even the silence of my own room is deafening compared to the stillness of the forest. There’s something soothing about the way the sunlight kisses the water, and I could get hypnotized by the ripples made with my tiny feet. It’s just. Different. My only regret? Not turning off my phone during my stay there. But then how would I have ever gotten that amazing shot up there? lol. 

I stil haven’t found what I’ve been looking for. Then again, I’m not exactly sure what I’m looking for. Regardless, it’s always humbling to be in the presence of something so vast as a reminder that the world is much bigger than the pain and confusion you are currently feeling. 

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