Tastes Like Middle America.

I have yet to try a recipe on Pinch Of Yum that fell short of my expectations *knocks on wood*. Their Creamy chicken quinoa and broccoli casserole was no different. I made this filling concoction last week, and it was so good nobody even noticed that I used soy cheese! It was just as easy to make as it was easy to eat. You can find the complete recipe HERE.

unnamed-1 unnamed-6









And just because I made the most pristine egg in a hole for breakfast the other day:


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2 Responses to Tastes Like Middle America.

  1. swonkydobon says:

    I am a fan of your blog and I thought I had run into you yesterday on a trail in Muir Woods! A bunch of us were all just standing there watching a deer a few feet away. I wanted to say “Hi, I’m a big fan of yours!”, but just in case it was your doppleganger, I kept my mouth shut. Anyway if it wasn’t you, sorry for wasting your time. If it was you… sorry for wasting your time. I just wanted you to know that what you write, it hits home. Thank you for sharing your experiences. It must take a lot of courage to open up like that to the world. You’re awesome.

    • doowaditty says:

      Aw, I wish it was me but I was actually in LA all weekend. I appreciate you so much for reading my blog, and leaving these kind words. I hope that if we do run into each other you do say hi 🙂

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