MTV VMA’s 2014 Recap

Another year, another VMAs, another bad host, another train wreck I can’t help but watch. Actually, this year’s awards didn’t suck (congrats!). However, it wasn’t very memorable either. I don’t know what’s worse. At least you’ll never forget the VMAs when Miley twerked on Beetlejuice. Some things you unfortunately cannot unsee. 

Speaking of, there was a lot of fashion I wish I didn’t see this year. Starting with the the I-G-G-Y. I personally think Iggy Azalea is gorgeous, which is why this outfit pains me so much. The broad stepped into the spot wearing some couture catering apparel. I wanted to stick a sterno under her ass and warm up my dinner on her. 

iggy azalea mtv vma


Let’s continue with the silver theme here, and talk about another gorgeous lady with an insane waist to hip ratio: Amber Rose. A lot of people have been comparing her fashion fail to Rose Mcgowan’s 1998 VMA red carpet dress. However, I thought it reminded me of the chain mail Toni Braxton wore in her He Wasn’t Man Enough For Me video (sorry for the poor quality, only screen shot I could find).

rose macgowan amber rose


toni braxton chain
In all honesty, I feel like this is the type of shit you shouldn’t be surprised to find at the MTV awards. Yeah it’s tacky, but I’m more upset that it’s been done before. Therefore, not as shocking as I’m sure she would’ve liked. I will say that her body is amazing after having a kid. I also bet Kanye is saying, “Thank God I’m done with THAT!”

Now not only did Jennifer Lopez receive the silver memo, she also received the 90s prom theme party memo. There’s no doubt that JLo’s body looks good in that dress, it’s just that the dress itself is awful. I’m pretty sure someone wore something similar to it to my senior prom. Matter fact, that someone may have been me. It looks like a slutty She-Ra or superhero costume and with stunners like this and this, bitch should know better. JLo herself doesn’t look old, but the dress ages her. 

jlo jennifer lopez mtv vma red carpet

All I’m sayin is if you’re gonna pay homage to the 90s, DO IT RIGHT.












Enough of the fashion though, because there really isn’t anything else worth mentioning. Moving on, I know y’all saw Big Sean holding hands with little Ariana Grande, only confirming their budding relationship and pissing people off. But did you see her get up from eating it right before this? Peep MTV’s IG to see a video of it.

ariana grande big seanAgain, I am SO sorry for setting women back decades by showing public appreciate for this song. But what’s better than the Anaconda video? Watching her perform it live. While I will question how Nicki was able to get away with those moves on live TV, I will say she did a good job of handling her wardrobe malfunction like a pro. Show must go on right?

Nicki minaj wardrobe malfunction vma

The only other performance I cared about (because Stay With Me by Sam Smith makes me want to slit my wrist) was obviously Beyonce’s. Maybe I’ve seen her do way better, or maybe Blue just stole the damn show.

blue ivy via flawlessBeyonce wore a stained glass window while she performed her entire album right before receiving MJ’s video vanguard award. An award that was handed to her by her “Beloved”. I thought it was adorable, and even if they are having marital problems, I still see love in both of their eyes for each other. Then again, God has love for everyone.

jayz blue ivy flawless via

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