Blogging About Blogs.

As you know, I love to read as much as I love to write. Here are a few blogs that’ll keep you company when GATNB is slackin’. The best part? I know the authors 🙂

Winging At Life  This blog documents the travel adventures of my high school friend Mariela. I hope you find her stories as eloquent and inspiring as I do.


Broke and Cooking So I knew my friend Steph was an amazing artist. What I didn’t know was she could throw down in the kitchen too. Basically, I want to marry her. Peep her food blog and you’ll be ring shopping as well.  This isn’t Patty’s first mention here on the blog, and when you get to know just how positive and motivating she is, you’ll know why. She makes even the most negative people wanna think happy thoughts.

Closet Full Of Daisies
Daisy is the super cute, stylish girlfriend of brother of a friend of a friend I met in NY lol. I especially love her looks, because she’s even tinier than me so I have an idea of what certain outfits or items would look like on me if ever I wanted to remix or recreate them.

You Love Poon
Sorry guys, it’s not what you think, but there is YouJizz and Pornhub for that. Peep out the homie Lo’s blog for … just about everything: music, food, events, you name it. He’s an amazing DJ, and hustler of all things. Plus, he’s got some sweet pics!



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1 Response to Blogging About Blogs.

  1. maaridee says:

    Thanks for the shout out, boo! I’ll be stalking all your friends’ blogs now.

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