You’re Welcome.

A few years ago, Shawn Naputi of Mr. Pollo catered Rach and Baker’s birthday party. It was deelish, so when I saw that he embarked on a new endeavor: Prubechu, I knew I would be visiting soon. Galentine’s Day was steadily approaching, so it only made sense to make reservations. Click after the jump to see how food has replaced my love life!

IMG_0031 I unfortunately forget what exactly was in each course, and honestly don’t care. It was yummy, so that’s all that really mattered to me. Below was our first course. Not really much to say here. It was a raw oyster with stuff on it. The only problem I had with this, was I wanted five more.

IMG_0032 OK. This shit right here? THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE? I feel like an asshole for posting a picture of an egg and piece of sashimi, but I swear to GOD they must’ve came from the prettiest chicken and handsomest fish, because it was the best fucking egg and salmon I’ve ever tasted in life. I wanted to drop kick the chef afterwards.

IMG_0084 Apparently, keleguan is a staple Chamorro/Guam dish made of chicken. Funny enough, it totally tasted like tuna.

IMG_0034 Shawn in the back, and Samir in the foreground putting in work.

IMG_0038 Not that this was bad, but out of all the dishes I cared for this the least. It tasted like a shrimp quiche of some sorts. I did however, LOVE the cucumber salad that it came with.

IMG_0035This porridge known as Chalakilis reminded me of arroz caldo or jook.

IMG_0039 And this dish, Kadu, reminded me of Nilaga.

IMG_0040Flowers and beer. Bitches love flowers and bee. (Thanks guys!)


OK, are you ready for this? Strawberry coconut ice-cream, hazelnut crumble, blueberry compote, and chocolate meringue. Say that shit slowwwwwwly. Then, say it again. And again. Faster. Louder. Yeah, it made my eyes roll to the back of my head too.

IMG_0047The verdict? Out of the 7 dishes we were served, there were only 2 that weren’t straight hitters. Maybe not worth $40, but definitely worth checking out at least once! The chefs are passionate about their craft, and the servers were all friendly and informative. Just plan on smelling like Guam goodness when you leave the place (ESP your hair).

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