A Love Letter – TBT 02.14.13

Hey Beautiful,

I know I haven’t been the perfect person to you and it’s been rougher than usual lately, but I hope you know that I’m here for you. Ride or die. Through everything; that time you felt as if you could handle your dreams and especially when you thought you couldn’t. Through it all. I may not show it much, but I’m so proud of everything you’ve accomplished, and almost scared of what you still have yet to do. I hope you know that you are stronger than you think you are, but I can’t help you if you can’t help yourself.

I also wanted to tell you that I’m sorry. For all those times I made you feel ugly and worthless. For disrespecting you, and making you settle for less than you deserved. For saying one thing, then doing another. For all the things I’ve done, and for all the things I haven’t. For leading you on, and letting you believe we were something we weren’t. For not using better judgment, and all those times I made you cry so hard you fell asleep from exhaustion. But I’m only human, and I make mistakes. I’m sorry for those too by the way. I don’t ask for much, but you have to forgive me. Please, forgive me.

One last thing, and you might not believe me after everything I’ve put you through. But. I love you. More than you’ll ever know. More than you’d like to admit. I know I’m always giving you shit, and extremely hard on you at times. But please if anything, trust me when I tell you that I love youIt’s the only way we will ever work out.


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