Happy New Years Eve!

I love y’all. You should know that by now. I hope you have an amazing New Years Eve, and keep it up for the rest of your fucking lives. If I run into any of y’all tonight, please disregard whatever state of mind I am in and say “Hi!” Most of all, DRIVE SAFE. Better yet, don’t drive at all if you’re planning to (please excuse my language) TURN UP. What’s worse than waking up naked with your panties hanging from the ceiling fan of a strangers bedroom? Waking up in jail bitch. So holla at any of the services below. No thank-you necessary.

  • Tipsy Tow (free depending on distance)
  • Luxor Cab Rides (free up to $35 if you mention that “Berg Injury Lawyers are picking up the tab”)
  • Uber, Lyft and any other taxi service
  • And of course, there’s good, old fashion MUNI/BART/Caltrans, which is operating for free NYE!
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