Sleeping Booty – WBW 12.21.11

I always taught myself to never waste a hard dick. So regardless of what time it was, if there was a boner tapping me from behind I always managed to find the strength to assist in making it go away. As long as I’m conscious, we sexing. Because Lord knows I’d never be able to forgive myself if your dick broke the next day and I turned it down the night before. Blasphemy!

Unfortunately, I’ve come to find out that when it comes to sex on demand it’s a one-way street.

Over pulled milk tea and a peppermint mocha, me and my girl shared similar stories of our failed attempts to wake up our sleepy men for a midnight snack or to burn some morning wood.

It was the middle of the night when her hand made her way to her man’s dick. Instead of him waking from his slumber like a bear coming out of hibernation, he merely grabbed her hand and placed it on his chest. In my case, it was somewhere between 6:30-7:30 AM when I rolled over to be pleasantly greeted with a boner even though dude was still asleep. I rubbed it a little and heard a moan of approval, but not much more. I rubbed it again, heard the same but still nothing. So I annoying turned around, and instead of wrapping his hands around my neck he wrapped his arms around my waist and fell asleep. Oh motherfuckers wanna cuddle huh?

Don’t get me wrong – I love to cuddle. I love affection. And I know people need sleep! But I can’t even remember the last time I turned down some morning D even though I was half asleep and hungover. Even when I’m too tired all I’d have to do is look down at the poor penis in all it’s morning glory, and then feel like it was my civic duty to please it. It’s all sad looking and shit doing the puppy dog thing with one eye. How the fuck can I say no to that?

So what I want to know is, where’s the reciprocity? Because it’s kinda not fair. Maybe the next time someone wakes me up to have sex, I’ll just pretend to fall asleep during it. HMPH.


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6 Responses to Sleeping Booty – WBW 12.21.11

  1. I completely agree. Boners are meant to go away, but after some shit’s gone down, not before.

  2. lurvemonster says:

    ON POINT. And I always get butt hurt about it. bahahaha

  3. jonolan says:

    Some advice – wake him up! he won’t mind if you do it right. 😉

  4. doubleMgenius says:

    GIRL, I got that today….. who gives up head for some GTL?

  5. HK_Barbie says:

    Aww, I thought I was the only one who ever had this problem. I know two wrongs don’t make a right, but I started turning HIM down more.

  6. MatTheArtist says:

    Interesting… didn’t know my fellow males would turn pussy down in the morning, or cuddle instead. Sheez, considering how good you look, these fellas must have some nice willpower.

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