Marley’s Treats.

A few weeks ago, me and my family celebrated my baby-cousins 2nd birthday with a Toy Story themed party in 102° weather. Hot damn! Despite the blazing heat, everyone had fun including the biggest kid there – ME. We ate trip-tip sandwiches with alien green punch, played with water balloons and water guns, and munched on yummy desserts courtesy of Marley’s Treats. Needless to say, the dessert table was a hit!

If you live in the Bay Area, and are throwing a party, I highly recommend Marley’s Treats  for your sweet tooth. They’re easy to work with, have unique flavors and best of all, have dessert table packages!


I showed Gemma pics off of Pinterest, and her team was able to recreate them to a T! Here’s Makai’s vanilla cake with fresh strawberries.

Ube-mango and s'mores cupcakes.

The cupcakes took inspiration from Woody’s outfit. The flavors are s’mores, and my favorite ube-mango.

Red velvet and cookies and cream cake pops.

These Hamm and alien cake pops were almost too cute to eat! Here we have red velvet and cookies and cream.

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