Talking to the Moon – TBT Post 06.27.11

I just listened to a friends cover of Bruno Mars’ Talking to the Moon and am now typing with blurred vision due to tearing up from it. Despite her very public breakup with her boyfriend, you didn’t need to be her friend on Facebook or Twitter to know she was going through some tough times. The pain in her voice told a story no status update or blog post could tell. And although it’s been a while since I felt a pain similar to hers, I cried.

I cried for her, and every single woman and man in my life that has gotten their heart broken. I cried for every email and comment I’ve read asking how to get over someone that’s gotten over them. And I cried for my past loves lost.

For I too, have had many conversations with the moon.

I’d ask it why I keep getting fucked over. Why bad things keep happening to good people. What I could’ve possible done so wrong to deserve this. Why karma was so biased. I’d ask to (please) never fall in love again. To feel numb. If it was my fault. If I was being tested. When I was going to find someone that loved me as much as I loved them. If he still thought of me. If he ever cared. These conversations happened even in broad daylight and usually lasted ’til the sun rose the next day.

The very first time I had my heart broken I vowed to never, ever love again. I told myself, and my friends, and God, and yes, the moon that if I ever met a man who had even the slightest potential I would about face and never look back. Since then, I’ve fell in love twice more.

Don’t ever try to fight love. You will lose. The harder you try to resist? The harder the beat down will be. And now I know that no matter how bad I get hurt, I will always risk the fall just to know how it feels to fly. Goddammit love, you win again!

I still talk to the moon. Everyday, and every night. Except our conversations are a little different, yours will be too. After the bitter, comes the better. I wish there was a less painful way to learn all these lessons, but I really don’t think there is one. I’ll probably meet someone new, and knowing my luck get hurt again. And if I don’t, then I’ll truly know all the wrong ones came into my life to lead me to the right one.

If you’re still going through “it,” then you probably don’t believe me. You probably also think I’m an asshole. I don’t blame you. Just remember this post when you are feeling better, and the next time you talk to the moon, tell it I said hello. You may not always get the response you want from it, but just know there a thousands of other people asking it the same questions.

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5 Responses to Talking to the Moon – TBT Post 06.27.11

  1. Jennica Paho says:

    This post is probably one of my favorites! It’s the perfect advice or pep talk to someone who really had their heart broken. I myself can relate and reading this, it made me feel a lot better! Thank you Abi! Always have the eight word to say!

    • doowaditty says:

      thank you love! and i can only say it ‘cuz i been there girl. shit, won’t be surprised if i’m there again lol. glad it made u feel better tho!

    • Friend who at one point wished for more says:

      There’s someone out there for everyone. Don’t try to look for them because you will overlook someone whose always been there.

  2. Grace Gomez says:

    i’m currently going through a heartbreak right now…but i don’t know what hurts more, my heart? or my ego? it’s the situation where i saw it coming, but gave him the benefit of the doubt that he’d change for the better. he didn’t deserve me but i’d rather have him through the bullshit, than not have him at all. i didn’t listen to the little voice that was telling me “leave before you get left.” i put everything on the line, my heart and feelings only for him to tell me “we shouldn’t talk to each other anymore” i dont know how to feel…and this post only made me cry more cuz it’s exactly what i caught myself doing last night

  3. Roxxy says:

    it’s kinda funny how i’m told that women will always have the upper hand… and to an extent.. i think we all know this… but we always end up getting ourselves into some pretty ***ked up situations with men…

    ended an 11yr relationship for someone that made me feel new things… almost 2 years going at this thing now… and turns out he doesn’t see my value as well as every damn person that knows me… I feel you Grace… because I too am willing to go through BS in hopes that this guy will come around someday…

    I will admit I have not talked to the moon.. but I have a feeling I will soon.

    We may have the cards… but we don’t know how to play them….

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