Double Your Pleasure? Double Your Fun?

I’ve recently discovered the convenience of watching porn on my iPhone. Funny how it freezes during group texts, yet runs perfectly during double penetration scenes. Speaking of DP (like that smooth transition there?), I’ve come to realize that I have a love/hate relationship with them. While I’ve never and will never participate in one, I will admit that I’m oddly intrigued by them. 

First of all, to any woman that has ever taken two dicks (at the same damn time), God bless your soul. And vagina. And asshole. If you can withstand that whilst still toting a lusty open-mouthed expression on your face, I’m pretty sure you can do just about anything. If The Governor took you in for an interrogation, I would rest easy for the rest of my life knowing no type of torture would make you confess. Needless to say, you have my respect.

I just have so many questions to ask. Obviously, how does it feel? What is it comparable to? I would imagine it’s equivalent to someone trying to rip your perineum apart ( by the way, don’t ever image Google the word “perineum”). Do you giggle when your partners balls touch? I know I do when I watch it happen on LubeTube. Also, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING? And do people actually do this OFF camera?  As in real life?

Please let me know. If you already enjoy taking it up the ass, I guess I can see why it would appeal to you. I suppose it’s just stepping it up a notch. It’s the epitome of the phrase “hurts so good,” and I love me some hurt so good. But I swear this shit just hurts.

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2 Responses to Double Your Pleasure? Double Your Fun?

  1. KOOLAYED says:

    Ima say crossing swords and playing ball buster is probably a confusing and quiet feeling… I mean you can have your best down ass homie who you probably would feel comfortable with doing that DVDA shot ( orgazmo movie ) Hahah but if your a man’s man… This happens many times you accidently touch the other man’s hand .. then there’s a moment of silent .. and a loud gay remark to go with it.. can you imagine a pee pee touch? Be silent and not make eye contact for days Lmao!

    • doowaditty says:

      wow. you do not watch porn at all. not. at. all. lmao jk. it’s funny when i watch it and their balls touch, i always try to look at their faces to see if any are grimacing haha

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