It’s All About You.


Since the dawn of bros, there have been bro codes. The most memorable one probably being: thou shall not sleep with a bro’s ex, or at the very least, thou shall not sleep with a bro’s “one”. As in the one girl out of all the girls you are forbidden to tap. Although not as openly promoted, there is a similar girl code – it’s called self-respect. Alas, a girl’s gotta get hers just like the next guy … and I ain’t even mad.

However, I have my own rules when it comes to smashing the homies or smashing someone that your homie already smashed. My boy calls it the wedding clause: if you would invite them to your wedding, don’t do it. If I would be personally hurt or disrespected if the other woman slept/dated someone I did, I wouldn’t do it either.

Now, what are my thoughts on banging friends within the same circle? For some, it ain’t no fun. If two friends don’t mind being eskimo brothers, then by all means keep it in the family. You just gotta wonder how much a man cares about you if it wasn’t an issue to fuck you knowing that their boy did too. I guess that’s what separates ex loves and ex likes, from ex side chicks and ex booty-calls. I just feel that if you come across a group of handsome, successful, single friends, remember that good men are hard to find nowadays. What more, a good circle of men. So choose wisely and pick the one you want to bang the most and work your ho-ass down down the line, because you may not get a chance to double-dip.

The #1 rule I’ve discovered is there are no rules. People will fuck as much as they don’t give a FUCK. Men can be cockblockers (breaking bro code rule #3), and even the most righteous, spiritual women can be ho’s. All if fair in love and war right?

Just know that if you’re going to compete for the title Miss Crew Love 2013, it will most likely disqualify you from ever getting the title of girlfriend.

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3 Responses to It’s All About You.

  1. riamichelle says:

    Preach it girl!

  2. KOOLAYED says:

    Tired of you going through the bro code bible… I’m not giving you the pass code anymore… Haha

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