Ain’t No Game Like Frisco Game.

I am a firm believer that you should always remember where you came from. If you’re lucky like me, you came from a beautiful country like the Philippines, moved to Cali when you were two, and then made a life for yourself in the most beautiful city on Earth: San Francisco. Yes, I’m biased. Fuck your city (I’m kidding, I love your city. I’m just not “in” love with it). 

Obviously, I’m one of those assholes that think their city is better than everyone else’s. Although I wasn’t born in SF, I lived there longer than most of my friends have been alive. I may live in New York right now, but SF will always be my home. As a proud San Franciscan, I’m more than happy to show people around, and welcome out-of-towners with an El Farolito burrito and scoop of olive oil ice-cream from Bi-Rite. But as a proud San Franciscan, I also roll my eyes at people who post about how they bleed SF, when they’ve never even lived here (sorry, a year doesn’t make you entitled) and have never ridden MUNI before.

I know I sound like a pompous asshole, but I promise that the only thing more obnoxious than people like me, are those who refuse to admit where they’re from and have prime real estate on Front St.

Back home we have an ongoing joke about people from Daly City that claim to be from San Francisco. For those of you who don’t know, Daly City (or Daily Shitty to some) is a city bordering SF notorious for its Filipino population and often referred to as “Little Manila”. It gets a bad rap, but personally? I have no qualms about DC. They have cheaper rent, Target, and all the tselogs, coco-cha-cha, silvana, taho, and turon your little heart and fat ass could ever dream of. As a matter of fact, I think the only people that hate Daly City, are those that live there.

San Bruno, Fairfield, Stockton, Concord, wherever you’re from. I don’t blame you for taking an affinity for the closest metropolitan city to you. Besides, what other football/baseball/basket ball team are people from Pacifica supposed to root for? It’s just that people from San Francisco have rightfully earned a certain reputation, so when you wrongfully take credit for it – it offends us. We’re also known to be weed-smoking hippies that are accepting of everyone regardless of color or sexual preference, so if you really want to represent the city, then just keep it fucking real!

If you respect that, *pound ’em*. If not, then you’re probably not from San Francisco.

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2 Responses to Ain’t No Game Like Frisco Game.

  1. KOOLAYED says:

    I would be offended but lucky for me I lived my first 15 yeare of life on mission and bosworth ,before moving to fog town… Or lumpia smog as I was once told.. Hahah but even here .. in D.C. I’m down the block from mission still.. Woohooo and my home phone is still 415 yeeeee ! Haha

  2. Lauren says:

    Oh this touchy ass topic lol. My homegirl and I were just talking about this. I can proudly say I was born in San Francisco; raised around SF aka Daly City/SSF/San Bruno. I’m not ashamed of growing up and jumping from SF to SSF to Daly City, etc etc as a kid. To be real, I only started becoming more acquainted with SF and all of its neighborhoods in high school, much thanks to my ex as well as going to school in the heart of the city. So yeah, when people ask me where I’m from, I say I’m from San Francisco, but I live in San Bruno. Because to me, San Francisco is home, where I come from and what I represent.

    And I will hopefully make enough money to raise my family there in the future. Haha that is all.

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