Weekly Round-Up

In case you missed it the first time, check out this past weeks posts below!
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The Beginning of the End: Remember that every second you continue to spend fighting for the wrong cause, is a second stolen from healing those wounds.

Whats up u miss me: When the past calls, they say to send it straight to voicemail because it has nothing new to say. So what do you do when it texts?

Super Salad (hump-day post): Would I like my salad tossed? No thanks, I’ll just have a sandwich.

The Sweetest Thing: I never quite understood the concept of “wanting your cake and eating it too.” I mean, why the fuck wouldn’t I want to eat my fucking cake? If I didn’t want it, I would’ve never walked my happy ass to the buffet table, and took a slice.

When the Evidence is Evident: If you go looking for something in a relationship, you’ll usually find it. And that’s exactly why I didn’t go through his phone.

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2 Responses to Weekly Round-Up

  1. Anonymous says:

    Now I have something new that excites me on a Saturday morning. Yee-haw!!!

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