Back in the shadows, away from this foothold in my heart.
I will keep you there.
In the soul of despair, where light won’t let you grow.
Next to broken picture frames and promises,
And dreams once blocked by fear.
I will set you free, on the darkest side of the moon.
Where everybody dies, because nobody tries.
I will lock you up in the same cell with loves from the past.
Their names, no longer synonymous with the future.
Their clutch, no longer grasping my neck.
Or stroking my cheek,
Or touching my chin.
I will let you bleed,
Until you choke.
On the words you fed me raw.
Bitter yet sweet, seasoned with guilt and sin,
From lies within aged to perfection.
You are my weakness, but I can’t love you anymore.
And there is no longer room for you here,
In now and tomorrow where I am once again the girl I was before we met and when we were together
Only better.
So stay there.
Tread fast, and don’t leave anything behind.
In my mind, or at the nape of my neck.
When 10 becomes 1, thy will be done,
And I will let go just as fast as I held on.

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