Silver Foxes and Cougar Cubs.

While perusing my Instagram feed today, I came across a friend of a friend whose boner needed to be against me like, YESTERDAY. But then I remembered how much younger my friend was, and my vagina immediately went Mojave Dessert on me assuming his hot friend was the same age *le sigh*. It’s funny. When I was younger, I dated older men, and when I got older, more younger men approached me. I began to wonder about the different sexual experiences I’ve had and could have with men of different ages.

I will admit that the best sex I’ve had occurred within the past three years with older men. Whether it’s because I was older as well, I don’t know. But I do know a pro of fucking an older man is that they know WTF they’re doing (I hope). They know about foreplay, and the little things that drive a woman crazy like kissing her everywhere except for there. However, their stamina isn’t what it used to be (unless you date an athlete of some sort). They’re are also not as excited about sex, because it’s not their first nor 50th time at rodeo. Some even rather watch the news, or make coffee than have morning sex *gasp* blasphemy!

On the other hand, you have your tender ronis. It’s awesome, because they’re so ready, and willing, and eager. While they may not be as experienced, they’re just excited to please you. While it’s mostly because they want to prove that they can bang you better than the next 33-year old, who cares? You’ll be riding a young stallion! Unfortunately, stallions can sometimes turn into rabbits. They can also be sloppy, and rough. Not in a good way either. But they’re trainable in the bedroom and always eager to learn. Gold stars and cookies all around!

Of course the aforementioned doesn’t hold for all men. It’s just a generalization I’ve made, but still holds some clout. So would I rather bang above or below? Long as there’s men like those below, I really don’t care. If you’re still buckin’ – we fuckin.

What about you? Any preference or interesting (related) anecdotes to share?


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1 Response to Silver Foxes and Cougar Cubs.

  1. KOOLAYED says:

    Hahah awsome.. there is a lot of truth in what you say… I remember when I was younger I was also into older women.. but in my head I knew it wouldn’t be as hard of a struggle to get to the business.. but once I did get older it was exact opposite , mybe its not the age thing but the fact that younger women dress in lesser clothes. I wake up with the neck pains. Bwhaha

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