Lady Like by Lola

As a wedding gift, I made my girl LP a veil for her special day. Unfortunately, I made it the wrong color. Thankfully I have super talented and creative friends like Angie of Lady Like by Lola that I can count on to come through in the clutch. I told her exactly what I wanted, and received exactly what I wanted. She even left a little space in the middle of the flower so that I could customize it with the red skull from the old hair piece to go with the “dios de los muertos” wedding theme. Needless to say, everyone was happy and the bride looked PERFECT. If you are a fan of vintage inspired hair accessories, I highly suggest Lady Like by Lola whose Instagram can also be viewed here. She takes pride in her work, and you get high quality at an affordable price. Once again, congrats mija and thanks so much Ang!


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1 Response to Lady Like by Lola

  1. Thanks Abby! So happy it turned out amazing and the bride looks amazing!! Xo

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