Once Upon A Time – TBT 11.07.10

As a little girl, my favorite movies were Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Labyrinth, Howard the Duck, Legend, and Garbage Pail Kids. But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t wishing upon a star too. I was whistlin’ while I worked to Snow White and Bippity, Boppity, Boo-ing to Cinderella just like every other kindergartner that thought she was a real life princess.

Alice in Wonderland was my favorite Disney movie, but I won’t lie. The beautiful gowns, dream balls, and Prince Charmings were appealing to me. And in make-believe, there is always a Prince Charming, ready and willing to gallop in on his white horse and rescue you from whatever it is you’re in need of escaping whether it be an ugly stepmother, wicked witch, or heartache. The good guys always prevail, the bad guys always disappear in a cloud of smoke, the birds sing, the sun sets, and you ride off into it.

And then, you grow up. And people tell you that it’s all a lie. That nobody ever tells the story of how Snow White was physically abused by her 7 dwarfs, and how Prince Charming fucked an ugly step-sister one drunken night. So you’re sitting there feeling shitty for being Princess Jasmine on Halloween because you just got played on by your Aladdin. They tell you not to believe, and that there is no such thing as a “happy ever after”.

I’m here to tell you that there is one.

To tell you that you can have your Prince Charming, and enchanted castle (or in my case 2-story condo with walk in closet and infinity pool). I mean, why the fuck not? Who says you CAN’T have your fairy tale ending? YOU. That’s who.

I’m not saying to grow your hair out and wait at the top of Coit Tower like a dumb ass damsel in distress. I’m saying fairy-tales don’t have to involve fire breathing dragons, horse-drawn carriages, and magical kisses that wake you up from a 20 year slumber. Because my fairy-tale ending includes a couple of New York Times bestsellers (a few of which are turned into award winning movies), a murdered out 2011 special edition Chevy Camaro, 2 dogs (both pits), 4 children (1 boy, 1 girl, and then a set of twins), and yes – my very own Prince Charming. Well, maybe not Prince Charming (I always thought he was kinda soft) but a Ross to my Rachel, a Noah to my Allie, a Carlito to my Gail, a Will to my Jada.

So tell the dream killers to STFU and worry about themselves. Be realistic, but NEVER stop dreaming. You write your happily ever after.

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4 Responses to Once Upon A Time – TBT 11.07.10

  1. krisYEE says:

    >howard the duck scared the shit out of me! i don't know why though…loland alice in wonderland=my favorite disney movie as a grown up because the people that made it were all cracked out and high on some shit. cinderella was my childhood favorite…obviously that slowly changed. lol

  2. The HI Life says:

    >well said babes. This entry reminds me of this one song. Think you'll like it. :)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E60EG6x-Io4&feature=related

  3. Mouf.Peace says:

    >kris – i just didn't like the thought of bestiality lolhi life – peepin the song right now, thnx!

  4. Rae says:

    Dope. Well written.

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