Holla If You Hair Me!

I remember getting my first bikini wax and feeling like a motherfucking sex God. My panties were like silk against my skin, it was light and airy down there when I would walk, and I felt more comfortable/confident during sex. I wondered what on Earth took me so long! Safe to say that when it comes to the ladies, both men and women prefer a waxed vagina as opposed to a 70s porn bush (although a “real” man won’t let it get in the way of smashing). But when it comes to men on the other hand, I personally prefer it au naturale.

I’ve heard a huge reason (no pun intended) men manscape down there is because it makes their dick look bigger. Fair enough, but it’s not going to change the way it looks in our hands or the way it feels inside of us. Another reason I hear they get manzillians is because they hear that women like it. However, this woman feels indifferent about it for the most part.

While looking like you got Buckwheat in a headlock between your thighs will send me running for a weed wacker, I do prefer a little hair down there as opposed to it being completely naked. One would think the opposite considering how much I frequent Downtownbut bare balls and a little tuft is ideal for me. There’s something sexy about it – almost primal. Most of all, it screams “I AM MAN, HEAR ME ROAR!”

Obviously, pubic hair (or lack thereof) doesn’t make a man a man. We all know what matters most is the head it’s on.

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2 Responses to Holla If You Hair Me!

  1. KOOLAYED says:

    I’ve tried the 12 year old boy look .. up side you really felt the skins slapping .. downside in like 3 days the itching was not fun at all. I would say landscaping is a bit better at least gives it a clean look… ” welcome to the jungle ” well , if your extremely hairy it just doesn’t look so bueno ..

  2. riamichelle says:

    I like a little landscaping, don’t get crazy haha.

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