Son Of A Beach.

You know what’s better than sex? Spontaneous sex. You know what’s better than spontaneous sex? Spontaneous beach sex. And the only thing better than spontaneous beach sex, is spontaneous beach sex for the very first time.

She admitted that she was pretty late on the sex on the beach ho train. The idea of sand in hard to reach crevices, and insects setting up shop inside her hoo-haw did not excite her at all. However, being as loud as she wanted to be, and fucking underneath the stars to the sound of waves crashing did.

Usually she knew when a night was going to lead to sex, but this time she was genuinely naive. She was under the impression that he was having a latter-quarter-life crisis and simply wanted to relive the days of college bonfires as they walked along the Great Highway, blankets and smiles in hand. Even as they laid out on top of a sand dune she thought it was all innocent. Until he got on top of her and his boner pressed against her groin. Guilty as charged. Oh, so you mean we’re not going to spend the night identifying constellations? 

His face which was laughing and smiling just a few minutes ago revealed a more carnal expression now. He was drunk. She didn’t realize it until they kissed, and she could taste something sweet on his lips – coconut or rum maybe. She on the other hand was completely sober, but still managed to momentarily shake off the cold weather along with her feelings for him. All that was thrown out the window along with her dignity when both of their pants were off, and his dick hung low swinging against her clit as he opened up the condom wrapper. Kryptonite.

She didn’t know if it was the Anchor Steam or sudden rush from having sex in the semi-public, but he was an animal that night. His groans came from a depth inside of him she had never heard before. He carried her, and they fucked standing up as a car drove past them. When he laid her back down he was even deeper than before, gyrating his hips and drilling into her like a custom fit Philips.

He put his hand around her neck and squeezed. She tensed up and held him tighter. Then, she came so hard she swore stars started falling form the sky. Soon after he flipped her around, and fucked her harder than ever. She could feel the cold dunes underneath the blanket her face was shoved against, and sand getting in her hair. With each thrust he rammed into her from the back, and she let out a yell louder than the last. She was so loud, she was surprised the cops didn’t come. But he did. Hard. Like thunder, letting out three huge groans before finally releasing inside of her.  Then he blew on her lower back, and massaged her as he carefully slipped out of her.

“Oh my God,” he said. “That was amazing”. She smiled sheepishly, and laid her head on his chest as he gently played with her hair. It was a night she’d remember for a long time. The sand in her ears on the other hand lasted three showers, and two days.

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1 Response to Son Of A Beach.

  1. him says:

    It’s all true.

    But this time he was genuinely naive too… Not that he didn’t know they were about to fuck with an incredible passion. But that his love would soon fade, as soon as she was out of site, while hers would last just enough longer to always hurt.

    He hated the guilt and wanted her happy forever, but was terrified that might depend on him and he might not deliver. Anyway, this girl was good!!… She really knew how to make you think she didn’t care.

    She needed his strength and he needed her heart.

    They walked spooning, wrapped together in a sleeping bag, as he breathed whispers around her neck about high school bonfires and brawls with S.D.I.; like she was the girl he would have protected when it all went down; and they would end up on this very sand dune making love until the sun arose on that Ocean Beach.

    He looked up at the moon and felt himself changing. It was all (always) so perfect. Leaning over her, he could see her silk black hair end perfectly on her tit, like it was cut just for the occasional tickle. He loved her sexuality and knew she deserved to be loved. He lifted her up like a light medicine ball, seated in his arms, legs on his waist, tits to his lips, and dick between her legs like a saddle now tickling her clit. He wanted to ease her on, but had to lay her down to reach for the condom. Reality Check.

    Even still, he couldn’t help himself. He was falling in love again. Every reflection off her body was like a golden treasure shinning in the sand from some immaculate light. Because the stars and moon weren’t even out that night! They were hidden above thick clouds. It was the orange street lamps off the Great Highway that provided these accents to their perfect scene, surrounded by slightly raised grass mounds for shelter. “It was amazing”, and he told her all about it. Climaxing.

    Gazing in her eyes, he reciting those words – I love you – as if he felt that egg drop and was swimming for it. He found the priceless treasure deep inside her, and like the Temple of Doom, he took it and left a bag of sand.

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