Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.

Have you ever been so excited yet scared at the same time you swear you’ll explode into a burst of flames followed by a shower of confetti?

I don’t know what I’m doing. I thought I did, but I may have lied. This feeling came sooner than I had anticipated. But more than likely, right on time. My tears are fueled by a fire inside, from a place whose surface I’ve only scratched. And every time I think I’ve reached some sort of hurdle, I find the strength to not only jump – but FLY.

It’s not the mountains I’m scared to climb, it’s the plateaus I’m afraid of getting used to. 

So I lay here in the sanctuary of these four walls I call my room, under the protection of seven-by-seven miles of comfort, love, friends, and family. Wishing there was some way I could bottle it up for the times I’m sure I’ll want to drink my sorrows away.

I am scared. Scared of change. Scared of stagnancy. Scared of being alone. Scared of feeling claustrophobic. Scared that nothing will ever clear my head like a Great Highway run, or kiss my soul like a sunrise in the Sunset. Scared that things will never be the same. And even more scared things will always remain the same. Most of all, I’m scared of living a mediocre life.

So we do some “What the fuck?!” ass shit that forces us to ignite a dwindling kindling. And go the distance for the things we hold close to our heart. I guess that would make me crazy in love. Steve Jobs coined the phrase, “Stay hungry, stay foolish.” This blog proves how foolish I’ve been/can be. Thank God I’ve never been one to diet.

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2 Responses to Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.

  1. camacho macho man savage.. says:


  2. imee says:

    “Most of all, I’m scared of living a mediocre life.”.

    For that sentence alone, I thank you a hunded thousand times. I’ve always, ALWAYS felt guilty about why I’m doing what I’m doing. I’ve always been made to feel selfish, thoughtless, or just flat out foolish. But I’m happier than I’ve ever been… scared as hell but still never happier. And I always thought that this much happiness can’t possibly be wrong, right? Or maybe I am quite self absored.

    But following your blog, I know I’m not alone. And reading this post, I KNOW I’m not wrong. Thank you again.

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