Tie’m Out

fifty shades of grey 50 shades of grey bondage books

I did it. I’ve succumbed into the anomaly better known as 50 Shades of Grey. Sixteen chapters in, and three pairs of panties later, I finally have enough of an opinion to write about a topic I’ve been meaning to explore for some time now – bondage.

Not some super duper S&M shit either, just the mere act of not having your hands free to do as you please. I’ve actually never consciously participated in it. I know, weird right? However, I’ve had a few similar experiences that involved being restrained. I’m sure there were more, but these are the two I remember most.

Forgive me for sounding like a whore, but the first instance was so long ago I can’t even remember who it was with lol. All I remember is he was going down on me while holding down my hands. A natural reflex for me when someone’s down there, is to rub their head with my hands or fondle myself, and the fact I couldn’t do either drove me fucking NUTS.

The second instance was with surprise, surprise – Thor. He was fucking me like it was going out of style, and it was getting to the point where I couldn’t handle the pleasure without screaming bloody murder or being gagged (hey, now there’s an idea). So in an attempt to give myself a break, I tried to push his hips away from me. He responded by grabbing both of my tiny wrist with one hand (his hands were oh, so big good God) and pinning them over my head as he thrusted even deeper and harder.

Do you need a fan, and a glass of water? Yeah me too. Go for it, I’ll wait.

In both instances, being restricted made me fucking crazy. I like being dominated, but it’s usually because I let myself be. When it’s because I’m being restrained and have no choice it’s different. Nevertheless, I think I’m a fan. It’s the only tying up of something I know of, that unleashes something else.

What are your thoughts or experiences on bondage? Share if you dare! P.S. I haven’t finished the book, if you ruin it for me – I WILL (paper)CUT you.

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2 Responses to Tie’m Out

  1. Meli says:

    My hands have been tied together and have been tied to the bed. Never seen handles on a mattress before but my mans did haha. Light choking is a new thing for me. Actually I wouldn’t even call it choking lol. His hands are more so grabbing my collar bone. Tieing my man up tho and watching him scwerm was fun to watch (:

  2. n3s says:

    Face down, ass up, him pulling my arms back, doin it doggy style. Finding balance on my knees while pulling forward and him going hard and deep. Trying to steady myself but my arms are restrained. It feels so savage cuz I can’t move. I’ve been tied up before too. Legs pinned down while getting eaten out…ooooh that shit cray!! Been blindfolded and blindfolded him. Not being able to see super enhances being touched. Its fun! Its a turn on when my man tells me what to do and vice versa. Pull my hair, call me a bitch and slap me in the face (lightly) every now and then. Lol! Nothing too crazy. 😉

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