No Better Than to Know Better.

People do some fucked up ass shit all the time. Rach once said that there are two types of people in the world. The ones who don’t know any better, and then the ones that do but do the fucked up thing anyway.  Sadly, I’ve been hurt by both.

Sadly, I’ve also been both.

One thing you should know about me is I’m a planner. It’s a rather good characteristic to have … except for when it DRIVES YOU AND EVERYONE FUCKING CRAZY. So just imagine the few times where I’ve blindly went into a situation without ever thinking of the repercussions. High hopes, low knowledge, naive, with a “What’s the worst that could happen?” attitude. iFail.

Unfortunately, there were even  more times when I went into something knowing it was a bad idea. I either thought things would be different or just plain and simply wasn’t thinking. I was just … well … STUPID. So stupid I threw my hands up in the air and shook my head as I typed that.

Yet, I can still think of a third type of person that I rather not be. And that’s being one of the above, but not taking responsibility for your actions. Using every and any excuse to blame it on someone else. Playing the victim role, and pointing fingers at everyone but themselves. Obviously, it takes two to tango but sometimes there comes a point when the other person has stopped dancing and you’re merely leading and following yourself into destruction.

You can’t take things back. And sometimes you can’t even make things right. But if you can be naive enough to not know any better, and/or stupid enough to know better – you should be audacious enough to take responsibility for either of the two.


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2 Responses to No Better Than to Know Better.

  1. hurtorheal says:

    Well said! xxx

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